Brickyard FX
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" Brickyard VFX is largely engaged in the creation of Visual Effects for Television, Film and Internet. "

Brickyard VFX

Award-winning Powderhouse Productions is New England’s largest independent producer of prime-time non-fiction programming for the nation’s basic cable channels: Discovery, viagra sale diagnosis History, A&E, Animal Planet, Science, TLC, HGTV, Travel, VH1 and Food,  as well as for PBS.
Northern Light Productions has been engaged in nonfiction motion picture production for more than 30 years. In a studio-based environment, cialis tadalafil we develop and produce immersive multi-media experiences, viagra generic multi-user touchscreen interactives, 2D/3D animation, large-screen projections, video wall environments and a variety of audio-visual tools for exhibitions nationwide.

Our broadcast work is a parallel endeavor where long-format documentaries explore the diversity of social challenges and human achievement. Pioneering narrative style, innovative graphic illustration and original cinematography are all part of the skills and talents expressed within Northern Light Productions. It is this collaboration that informs our work, dedicated to excellence achieved through responsive communication with our clients.
Redtree Productions is a unique collection of friends who share a deep professional history as award-winning producers of film and interactive media. We believe that every project should be handled thoughtfully and with a collaborative spirit. The dynamic nature of this business provides us with inspiration, buy cialis mind energy and motivation to consistently create best-in-class work.
Brickyard VFX is largely engaged in the creation of Visual Effects for Television, discount cialis prostate Film and Internet. Design, viagra sales health CG, Compositing, Digital Finishing, troche Color-Correction, Titling, Re-Lighting, Rotoscoping, Pre-Visualization, Logo Animation and Camera Tracking are all within our area of expertise.

In sum: Brickyard Makes Moving Images.